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As an innovative promotion hub for the gaming industry, eSports Ventures takes our years of experience to aggregate, organize and interconnect eSports resources to deliver incremental value for our network of partners, brands and sponsors.

An opportunity that is too good to miss...

81 Million

81 million households in the US own a device that they use to play video games

$36 Billion

Consumer spending on video gaming topped $36 billion in 2017 and is due for 8.5% CAGR

61 Percent

61% of all eSports fans are millennials, while 14% are of generation Z

Why Work with eSports Ventures


Access to gaming industry brands and organizations


Turn-key administration and legal services


Collaboration with eSports Ventures network members


Un-tap value in your service or product in a new industry

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For Event Promoters

$350 million spent of gaming event sponsorship in 2018

Gaming has gone from a classic home hobby to a worldwide phenomenon. As an enriching art form and vibrant community, eSports Ventures are glad to celebrate the artistry, performance, and people who make gaming great. The emerging trend of meshing the digital and physical worlds together represents the biggest opportunity in eSports today. If you are an eSports promoter who has a passion for running gaming events but you want to connect with new and bigger venues or find sponsors from exciting brands – eSports Ventures can help.

At eSports Ventures, we are creating a network of the very best venues and brands to help bring your events to new audiences, new locations, and new sponsors, so you can reach your potential in the gaming community.

Benefits for Event Promoters


Access new and bigger venues


Connect with brands and sponsors


Grow your audience with our affiliate network partners

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For Venues

43% of eSports attendees have an income of $75,000+ per year

With the increase in popularity of gaming events, if your venue or organizations hasn’t integrated eSports events into your plan, we would love to hear from you. The inclusion of eSports into your marketing plans can make a big difference when it comes to accessing a new and exciting audience at an early stage. Thanks to our network of eSports Events Promoters, we are able to work with you to attract some of the most talented and experienced gamers, organizers and influencers in the country. Working together with our affiliates, eSports Ventures is able to help you plan, manage and execute your event with seamless, turn-key efficiency.

Whether you are considering a small single tournament of 100 players or a summer series with 1000’s of players. A retail venue of 500 sqft venue or a professional entertainment venue 100,000 sqft our event promotors will customize the right plan to fit your needs.

Benefits for Venues


Expert planning and total turn-key solutions from sign up to sign out


Connect with brands and sponsors


Co-market to an engaged network of partners and affiliates

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For Brands

665 million people viewed gaming worldwide in 2018

With $700 million spent globally on esports in 2017 can you ignore the brand opportunity gaming represents? For most brands, navigating the eSports landscape can be daunting, but the returns can be high. That’s why eSports Ventures has used our experience in marketing to understand how to best connect brands with gamers. A large proportion represents the otherwise hard to reach demographic of Millennials and Gen Z.

eSports offers unprecedented accessibility for brands and players, who depend upon daily interaction with one another to succeed. However, unlike more traditional sports, a lack of organization can make understanding and embedding in the industry extremely difficult. With eSports Ventures, we will help you find an authentic place within the eSports community at a time when fans will reward brands that help it grow by backing teams and tournaments.

Benefits for Brands


Finding venues and events to partner with


Reaching a new global audience


Creating brand loyalty with a key demographic

For Manufacturers

$2.2 Billion spent on gaming accessories and apparel 2017

Gaming is an endurance sport and lifestyle choice and we make sure to provide the knowledge and equipment to promote optimal health and the ultimate gaming lifestyle. We want to help all gamers feel good and perform their best. At eSports Ventures, we test and evaluate the latest gaming gear and technology so gamers can extend gameplay, avoid fatigue and keep mentally fresh. We then use our exclusive Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP) network, made up of leading gamers and streamers, to take your product to market.

If you have a product that you think could convert into gaming gear or apparel or are interesting how you could utilize your manufacturing capability for the gaming industry, we would love to hear from you.

Benefits for Manufacturers


Market research and user testing


End to end branding service


Product launch model via an established affiliate network

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